Farm School

In 2011, in the Balkhash district of Almaty region in the village Bakbakty a training center - farmer's school was created, which is equipped with educational materials and office equipment. There is a laboratory for chemical analysis of soil samples, irrigation and groundwater taken from rice fields, classrooms for classes.

conduct classes with farmers on the theory and practice of reclamation soil science, namely the state of rice soils depending on the degree, chemistry of soil salinization, depth of salt horizon, degree of mineralization and chemical composition of groundwater, technical condition of irrigation and collector condition of the drainage network and etc. There are also practical training courses on the use of technologies, methods, techniques for increasing soil fertility and crop yields, developed by the scientists of the Institute, where farmers themselves become direct participants in conducting experiments and gain certain skills, which is especially important for young beginner rice growers. Farmers are often interested in types of analyzes that can be carried out in order to obtain data characterizing the level of soil fertility in their fields. The field portable device for express analysis of salt concentration to a depth of 1 meter "Progress 1 T" is of particular interest, which allows determining the degree of soil salinity without taking soil samples. This device is especially necessary for the rapid determination of the causes of plant inhibition directly in the field.

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