Council of Young Scientists
The Council of Young Scientists has been established at the Institute with purpose to unite and coordinate young scientists and specialists who are the employees of the Institute under the age of 35 (for Doctors of science up to 40 years).
The main tasks of the Council are as follows:
  • Promoting professional growth and active participation of young scientists in the public life of the Institute;
  • Representing the interests of young scientists and specialists of the Institute in the Academic Council, the administration of the Institute, the trade union committee of the Institute on various aspects of professional activity;
  • Organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars and other events aimed at young scientists;
  • Preparation and publication of articles reflecting the research of young scientists of the Institute;
  • Representing the interests of young scientists in State, municipal, scientific and other organizations, public associations;
  • Organization of mass cultural and sports youth events.
Young scientists of the Institute take an active part not only in the research work of the Institute, where they clearly show their capabilities and creative potential, but also in the public life of the Institute. So young scientists took an active part in sports competitions between the scientific institutes of NJSC "NASEC" in tennis, football, chess. They won prizes and received awards.
Young employees take active participation in the activities dedicated to the Victory Day, New Year holidays and the Nauryz holiday, hold cultural events going to the theaters, hikes in the mountains, and actively participate in cleanup events.
Abay A.K.

Chairman of the Young Scientists Council

Kulymbet Q.Q.

Deputy chairman of the Young Scientists Council

Musayeva K.K.

Secretary of the Young Scientists Council

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