Soil Museum of the Institute

Soil Museum - founded in the XX century (1985). The exposition presents more than 50 soil monoliths, which are distributed according to the principle of zonal soil-geographical zoning, reflecting the entire range of soils of our Republic. Each monolith is accompanied by colorful landscapes, descriptions and full analytical data.

The following persons took part in the formation of the collection of soil monoliths: Yatsynin N.L., Evstafeyev Yu.G., Redkov V.V., Pachikin K.M., Nasyrov R.M.

The museum presents a large-scale relief map of Kazakhstan and overview Soil Map of Kazakhstan (1976), which really reflect the relief and soil surface of the Republic.

The museum has two exhibition halls.

Educational services are provided:

  • seminars for teachers and students on soil science and ecology;

  • practical classes with university students;

  • classes for students of secondary schools, and gymnasiums in Almaty.

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