Services provided by the institute

  • soil-reclamation, soil-ecological examination of fields, with creation of maps of salinization and pollution of fields, recommendations for the efficient use of land;
  • scientific and methodological support of new and innovative technologies for improving soil fertility and crop productivity;

Cont. telephone for concluding contracts 8702 391 95 90 – Maksat Nurbayevich Poshanov, Head of Saline Soil Reclamation Department, PhD student

  • assessment of the current state of soil surface with creation of maps (soil maps of various scales, degradation maps, maps of agro-industrial soil grouping) with subsequent recommendations on soil use;

Cont. telephones for concluding contracts 87017166606 – Pachikin Konstantin Mikhailovich, Head of the department of soil geography, genesis and  assessment, Cand.Bio.Sc.

  • consulting services on the issues of determining the level and condition of soil fertility, depending on assimilated crop rotations, use of tillage methods and systems.
  • soil and agrochemical survey with preparation of agrochemical cartograms of fields, providing recommendations on the use of fertilizers for various crops;
  • assessment of ecological state of technogenically disturbed lands and development of recommendations for their biological reclamation; development of reclamation projects;

Cont. telephone for concluding contracts 8 747 201 70 07 Saparov Galymzhan Abdullaevich, Head of  department of soil ecology, Cand.Ag.Sc.

  • scientific and practical support of systems for the use of bioorganic fertilizers: “Bioekogum”, “Tumat”;

Cont. telephone for concluding contracts 8 77751391690 Suleimenov Beibut Ualikhanovovich, chief researcher of the department of agrochemistry, Doctor of agricultural sciences.

  • agrochemical analyzes of soil, water, plants and fertilizers samples;

Cont. telephone for concluding contracts 8 747 201 70 07 Rakhimova Asel Muratovna

The institute has an accredited agrochemical laboratory capable of performing a wide range of analytical analyzes (soil, water, plants, fertilizers)