Bibliography of Doctors of Sciences

LLP "U.U.Uspanov Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry"

Kozybayeva Farida Esenkozhanovna Doctor of biological sciences, professor

Kozybayeva Farida Esenkozhanovna’s professional activity is linked with the Institute of Soil Science, she has successfully defended the dissertation of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences, and worked her way of a scientist from junior to chief researcher of the Institute. Over the years, she has held the positions of the Head of the department, Scientific secretary, and Deputy Director on scientific work, participating in the formation and justification of the priorities for the development of soil science, determining the goals and objectives of scientific research, and the need for them, ways and methods of their solution.

The research area is related to the study of environmental issues of soil surface: degradation, pollution and erosion processes, as well as land reclamation, study of the initial soil formation processes in technogenically disturbed terrains

On the basis of  experimental and survey studies of the disturbed terrains of the east and south of Kazakhstan, as well as in the conditions of the west on oil-contaminated lands of the Republic, she developed recommendations for accelerated restoration of soil fertility.

She has published more than 300 scientific papers, including in high-ranking journals included in the International Bases of Scientific Literature.

She contributed much to the preparation of the scientific school of soil scientists in Kazakhstan, being a member, Deputy chairman of the Dissertation Council of the Institute for the defense of Candidate and Doctoral dissertations. Under her leadership, 1 dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science, 6 Candidate of Sciences and 2 PhDs  were defended.

Kozybayeva F.E. was awarded many State and public awards for contribution to science of Kazakhstan.

Suleimenov Beibut Ualikhanovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate professor, Academician of AAS RK

Suleimenov Beibut Ualikhanovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate professor, Academician of AAS RK has been working at the Institute since 1993, he began his work as junior researcher and now he is chief researcher of the Institute, held the positions of Head of department, Deputy Director on scientific work (2005-2006; 2012-2017; 2017- 2019) (acting acting CEO (2020-2021).

The research area includes rational use of agricultural land, preservation and reproduction of soil fertility, increasing crop yields, and development of innovative technologies.

He has published more than 170 scientific articles, including 1 monograph, 7 articles in rating journals, 1 patent for useful model.

Prepared 1 PhD and 10 Masters in the specialty “Soil Science and Agrichemistry”.

He was awarded Honorary Diploma of KazAgroInnovation JSC (2012, 2013), Badge: Auyl sharuashylyk salasynyn uzdigi (2019)